10 Reasons to Choose Churchill

1We're More Affordable
Graduation is expensive, with some Universities charging $155 for the privilege of renting a gown for only a few hours. At Churchill Gowns, you can rent for only a fraction of the cost, or purchase and keep them for life.
2We're Environmentally Friendly
All our gowns are made from 100% recycled plastic, keeping 28 bottles from reaching landfill for every gown made, we're completely carbon neutral and we donate 10% of all our profits to charity!
2There Are No Queues
You've waited years for this day - don't spoil it waiting for forever in a queue. Choose Churchill and get your gowns delivered directly to your front door!
4You Can Enjoy it for Longer
If you're renting, you can keep your gown for up to 3 days, and if you've purchased - it's yours! When graduation is over, why not wear your gown out to the restaurant, or save it for an easy party theme!
5Keep it as a Memento
What better way is there to remember your student days than with your graduation attire? When the time comes, you can even pass it on to your children on their special day
6You Can Personalise It
If you've bought, it's yours to do with as you chose, so after the ceremony why not decorate your gown and mortarboard with personal messages from friends and family!
7You Can Get that Perfect Photo
With 3 days rental, you can take the time to get that perfect photo with family at home, or wait until the sun's out. No compromises!
8Feel Confident In The Quality
Some universities and suppliers are still renting attire from 15 years ago. Don't let a faded gown or dirty mortarboard ruin your special moment, and purchase from us instead
9Make a Bit on the Side
Don't feel like keeping your robes forever? Then why not purchase them and sell them to a friend or a family member who's graduating as well!
10No Need to Rush
Churchill Gowns uses only courier and Australia Post to make sure you get your graduation attire as early as next-day delivery

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