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Special: UNE graduation packages from $69 until Dec 12

Order your UNE graduation gowns for as little as $69 per set when purchasing with friends and using the code "mates_rates_14" at checkout - that's up to 45% less than ordering through the university. All items are specifically tailored to match the university regulations, and we deliver everything straight to your front door.

Trusted by more than 10,000 students

Churchill Gowns has been serving students in Australia and the UK since 2013. Trusted by thousands of students every year, we're proud to provide the best quality products on the market at the lowest price possible.

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Churchill Gowns
University Shop
Churchill Gowns
University Shop
Full Set Price $79 $150 $99 $250+
Bulk Discount Price $69
High Quality
Made to University Specifications
Charitable Donations
100% Recycled Gowns
Home Delivered
Carbon Neutral
Flexible-Fit Mortarboards
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Save money and the environment at the same time

Not only are we cheaper, but we donate 10% of all our profits to charity, we're carbon neutral, and all our gowns are made from recycled materials - keeping 28 plastic bottles from reaching landfill for every gown made.

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Check out our video for a full explanation about what makes us awesome! Or, just go ahead and order now.

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