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Custom university graduation regalia

We specialise in supplying graduation attire to universities and other tertiary institutions around Australia. As the official supplier to multiple universities, our team has the expertise to design and manufacture custom regalia appropriate for ceremonial use, including intricate chancellery robes.

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Made By Experts

As members of the world's premier society for academic dress, the Burgon Society, you can feel confident that all items will be held to the highest quality standards. We put years of experience into every gown we make, to ensure you get the best result at the best value.

We live and breath sustainability

All our operations are 100% carbon neutral, we offer fully recycled gowns made from post-consumer PET plastic that keep 28 bottles from landfill for every gown made, and we donate 10% of all our profits to our charity partners.

Our mission is to make our industry, like our business, fully sustainable. Working with us helps lift children from disadvantaged communities permanently out of poverty by providing access to education, while supporting a sustainable business model that is good for the environment.

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