What Makes Our Graduation Attire So Great?

close up shot of a graduation hood showing the quality of the fabric

The Attention to Detail

The yoke of our gowns is tightly pleated and perfectly spaced, and our hoods and stoles are made with soft, fine satin cloth. We go to a lot of effort to exactly match your university and degree colour specifications, to make sure you look fantastic on the day.

The Quality

We Innovate

One of the biggest issues students encounter at graduation is getting a mortarboard that fits and stays on your head. To solve this problem, we've developed a special foam-pressed mortarboard with an elastic inset. Not only is it the most comfortable mortarboard you'll ever wear, but it looks great!

smiling woman in profile helping display the mortarboard

And We're Sustainable

We're the only supplier in the country to manufacture all our gowns from 100% recycled polyester, keeping 28 plastic bottles from reaching landfill for every gown made. We're also completely carbon neutral, and donate 10% of all our profits to charity, to help live disadvantaged communities out of poverty and provide them with an education.

Manufacturing process describing how recycled gowns are made

We Manufacture Our Own Regalia

bachelor and masters graduates standing side by side wearing gowns and mortarboards

We Make All Garment Styles

Not sure of the difference? Our standard bachelor gowns have crescent shaped sleeve openings at elbow height, while masters gowns have long sleeves, which are closed at the bottom with openings midway up the sleeve. PHD attire generally is of a masters cut with a satin lapel trim, and details of all styles vary by university.

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