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Please note that mortarboards are not an official part of the academic dress for the Open University, however many people like to purchase or hire a mortarboard for photographs.

The Open University was established in 1969 as the UK's first 'open learning' university, whose courses could be taken anywhere in the world. Over 3 million students have taken open university courses since it was established. It is the largest academic institution in the UK by student numbers.

Every year The Open University hosts a number of degree ceremonies in locations around the UK and Western Europe. They are not officially graduation ceremonies as the students presented have already received their degrees, however the ceremonies are a formal presentation of graduates to the University Chancellor and a fitting celebration for the work of its students. In the year 2000 The Open University even became the first university to host an online graduation for international students!

Students of The Open University wear academic dress at the degree ceremonies. All academic dress reflects the University colours of gold and blue whilst the level of qualification is denoted by the shade and pattern of the colours. Whilst mortarboards are not worn for the ceremony, they may be worn by graduates on other occasions.

With Churchill Gowns, you can hire your The Open University Gown Set for as little as £29, or purchase it for as little as £47. All hired items can be kept for 3 days, giving you plenty of time to get that perfect photo.

All full sets come with one gown and an Open University hood specific to your degree, and all items are appropriate for use at your ceremony. We donate 10% of all profits to charity, our gowns are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and we are completely carbon neutral. - see our garment details for more information.

Our Open University graduation sets are ethical, sustainable, and affordable. Make the right choice, and graduate with Churchill.

Pauline Solari13 Feb, 2019
beautiful quality, fantastic service
Pauline Solari13 Feb, 2019
5 Stars - beautiful quality, fantastic service
Andy Lr02 Feb, 2018
Daniel Jamieson18 Jun, 2017
Great quality and the best price I could find in Australia
Muhammad Binzaki06 Jun, 2017
it is neat with good quality and well packaged
Danny Eldo09 May, 2017
the stock is ready when i purchased it, not like another store (sometimes out of stock). easy ...
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