Take A Look Inside Our Factory

We're Proud of Where Our Garments Are Made

We pride ourselves on providing light, clean and enjoyable conditions for our employees through new upgrades and access to technology.


Rack of gowns in many different styles hanging together Computer monitor displaying a design program, showing the process of designing custom garments for use in machine manufacturing Storage shelf of different types of fabrics in many different colours Front view of a man using a fabric cutting machine
Top down view of machine as it cuts through a large amount of different coloured fabrics Woman in factory marking our points on material while designing new gowns Woman in factory smiling while working at a sewing machine Close up shot of a worker using a sewing machine to affix the front zip on a US style gown
Close up shot of a person enclosing the brim of a mortarboard with cloth Picture of workers pressing gowns before packaging Woman packaging gown in individual wrap after folding Man taping a large box of graduation items before being shipped to our warehouse