Graduation Photography

Picture of a smiling graduate as she receives her award

Conferral Photographs

Our talented photographers capture the emotional memories when testamurs are awarded, and graduands become graduates.

Natural Shots

Portrait Booth

In keeping with tradition, we offer all graduates the chance to commemorate with a traditionally framed photograph in our mobile portrait booth.

Typical shot of a graduate in a portrait booth, after receiving their testamur

Event Photography

Graduation frame with testamur mounted inside

On-Demand Framing

We also provide incredibly high quality and affordable framing packages to graduates, without the need to order in advance or wait weeks for delivery. All photos can be printed, framed and posted within one week of the ceremony!


Instead of waiting weeks, we provide students with quick, convenient ways access to their photos. All shots can be downloaded online within 48 hours, or posted out in a university branded USB stick or card.