Academic Dress at Manchester

Manchester is one of the largest universities in the UK, and every summer it's buzzing with students celebrating their graduation with family and friends. 

Academic Hoods at Manchester

Academic dress at Manchester mostly follows a very regal colour scheme of gold and purple. This is reflected in the hood designs at all levels of degree, with bachelors and masters students both wearing black square shaped hoods, lined with purple satin and adorned with gold trim.

Academic Gowns at Manchester

Manchester also has its own unique gown, which is worn by all students (apart from the doctoral students). This gown looks a lot like other black masters gowns, with a long closed sleeve. However, at the bottom of each sleeve, you will see and 'M' shaped cut out which identifies the gown as being a Manchester gown.

The academic gown and hood is paired with a cap for all Manchester students. All graduates up to masters level wear a traditional black square mortarboard, and doctoral students get to wear a velvet bonnet!

Doctoral Regalia at Manchester

The gowns worn by doctoral students are also very fancy, and come in a colour scheme of gold, purple and red. They really stand out in a crowd - as you would hope given all the hard work that goes into getting a PhD!

To find out more about the University's regalia and see what it looks like, check out our handy video guide:

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