What We Do

Churchill Gowns is a supplier of high-quality graduation services to university students throughout the UK. We provide services that are more flexible and affordable than those of traditional suppliers, while maintaining focus on our core beliefs: ethical manufacturing, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

At the core of our business lies a desire to leave behind a better world for our children than the one we inherited. We believe that sustainable, ethical and environmentally conscious business practices need to not just be seen as a side note to profitability - they need to become core to every business. We are very proud of the company we operate, and strive to lead by example.

As a textile manufacturer, we are also very aware of the environmental impact that has plagued our industry. Each graduation gown we make is made from 70% recycled polyester which is manufactured from recycled plastic waste. This is then blended with 30% viscose for a soft finish. Every graduation gown contains a minimum of 550g of recycled plastic waste, which equates to at least 28 500ml plastic bottles. We have spent years developing a material that looks indistinguishable from those used at all major universities, and are encouraging universities all over the UK to consider this as the norm to help reduce their impact.

Recycled materials Diagram

All our garments are ethically manufactured, providing living wages and bright, clean conditions to workers in our factories. We also keep our stock importation carbon neutral by offsetting the emissions through a partnership with Climate Care. We are also an accredited living wage employer, meaning that all our UK staff, both full time and casual, are paid above the UK living wage.

We commit to uphold these standards no matter what, and have staked the future of our company on a single belief - that like us, you care about our world. Through the caring support of customers like yourselves and decision makers at universities around the country, we hope to create the first ever, fully sustainable industry, and to continue to lead by example.