Doctoral Regalia

We currently offer doctoral regalia for PhDs, taught and professional doctorates for purchase at a small range of universities. These can be ordered by following these links:

For customers who have attended other institutions and are looking to purchase high quality doctoral regalia, we are proud to partner with robe-maker Jayne Ball to offer a bespoke handmade gowning service. From her studio in the south west of England, Jayne has spent the past ten years hand making doctoral regalia for students across the globe to wear to graduations and other official celebrations. She has also been appointed directly by a number of educational institutions to design and make ceremonial robes.

Jayne has a thorough understanding of the academic dress requirements at UK institutions, so all her creations are suitable for official use. She works closely with her clients to ensure a perfect fit, and uses only the highest quality fabrics in her designs. 

Bespoke PhD Regalia

Customers should expect to pay around £500-600 for a full set of bespoke doctoral regalia (usually consisting of a gown, hood and bonnet), however the exact price will vary depending on the requirements at your institution. We would recommend making inquiries at least three months in advance and Jayne is able to ship her gowns both within the UK and worldwide.

If this is of interest, please contact with details of your qualification to receive a custom quotation.

Other Bespoke Regalia

Can't find what you're looking for on our site? We are always adding new universities and qualifications to our stock, however we don't yet have every degree available.

If you are looking to purchase academic dress that we don't have in stock, then we are happy to make inquiries about getting it made for you. Often it will be possible to mix and match - using our 'off the peg' caps and gowns, and simply have your degree hood made to go with them.

If this is of interest, please contact with details of your qualification and one of our team will be happy to advise.