Return Instructions

1/ Order your items

Make sure you select hire when ordering your items, and put in the correct ceremony date! All items are scheduled to arrive at least 2 days before your ceremony

2/ Enjoy your ceremony

You have up to 2 days after your ceremony to post your items back to us, so make the most of it! Take photos with your family and friends at home, and enjoy yourself :)

3/ Post your items back

You have up to 2 days to post your items back to us using the free return bag and label, before being charged any late fees. Simply drop off your parcel to your nearest post office. If your items are returned late, you will be charged £8 per day after the third day to a maximum of £42 per set (after which you may keep everything if you like).

4/ Register your return

To prevent any late fees from being charged, make sure you register your return on this page after you have dropped your gown off at the post office! You need to register your return using the 4 or 5 digit order number on your confirmation email starting with a #If you can't find your confirmation email we recommend checking your junk or spam folder. Our system automatically checks the return post date, and any incorrectly registered returns will incur an extra £5 admin fee for our staff to make any necessary corrections.

5/ Or... Keep your gowns!

If you decide that you would rather purchase your items for an extra £42 per set, then that's no problem too! Simply keep them, and the difference in fees will automatically be deducted from your card, so you can have a memento of your time at university to hold on to forever :)