Doctoral Regalia Launches at Churchill Gowns!

Since we founded the business in 2018 we have been contacted by numerous students and academics from around the world who are looking for an affordable option for purchasing regalia for PhD qualifications and other doctorates.

Doctoral gowns are usually very elaborate in design. Unlike bachelors and masters students, who usually wear a plain black or navy cap and gown, doctoral gowns tend to feature a variety of coloured fabrics and trimmings. There are also very few students graduating with doctoral degrees each year at any one university, which makes the market  for each type of gown very small. This has left students or academics who wish to purchase doctoral gowns with very few choices and high prices.

New Doctoral Gown Range

We are therefore delighted to announce that this summer we are hopefully doing something to assist, by bringing our first range of doctoral gowns to the market. Currently these will be for a small number of universities where we see high demand, and so in 2023 we will be stocking the robes for PhDs and other taught doctorates at Manchester, Cardiff, UCL and Strathclyde.

PhD Gowns

Left to right: Strathclyde doctoral gown, Manchester doctoral gown, Cardiff doctoral gown.

Prices for a set range from £220 - £300, and they are currently being offered for sale only, rather than for rent. This purchase option should appeal, not only to graduating students, but also those who graduated some years ago and would like to own a set of regalia for academic ceremonies, or just as a memento of their achievements.

Bespoke Service

For any customer who is looking to purchase doctoral regalia but did not attend one of the above institutions, we will continue to offer our bespoke robe-making service through our partnership with Jayne Ball Designs. 

Jayne has been working with us for several months now and has produced beautiful handmade regalia for clients based around the world. She is a true artisan, and the attention to detail and finish on the garments wins constant praise from our customers.

Handmade PhD Gowns

Some examples of gowns handmade by Jayne Ball Designs.

Prices tend to range from £500-600 for this service, depending on the fabrics required for the specific doctorate you hold. To find out more information and to receive a custom quotation, please check out the doctoral regalia page on the Churchill Gowns website.