Graduation Gifts for Any Budget

Graduation gifts are a staple of American ceremonies but have only recently become popular in the UK. Here we take you through some of the best gifts on the market, no matter how large or small your budget

Graduation Magnetars by Cecile Biot (£)

Anyone who has ever graduated will know that looking neat and tidy whilst wearing academic dress can be a bit of a struggle. The hood and gown never seem to stay in the right place, especially if you aren’t wearing a button down shirt for the hood to attach to!

That’s where this handy invention from independent British brand, Cecile Biot, comes in! Their little pairs of magnets hold the graduation hood in place and remove the need for pins, which can damage the gown or clothes. They’ve also partnered with a large number of UK universities to include the university logo on the front of the magnet, so they match the hood colours and serve as a nice memento of a graduate’s achievements. Not bad for £9.99!

Graduation Photo and Certificate Frames by Churchill Gowns (££)

What better way to celebrate a graduate’s hard work than to have their degree certificate and graduation photos displayed proudly on the wall? There are plenty of graduation frames on the market and, if you want custom engraving or university logos, be prepared to pay a premium.

If you’re a little more budget conscious, opt for the double certificate and photo frame from Churchill Gowns. They offer both a modern and traditional style frame and you can choose from 12 different styles of cardboard mount, so it can be customised to match the university colours and complement the certificate.

Graduation Jewellery by Annotated Studios (££-£££)

Jewellery is a traditional graduation gift that can be treasured for years to come. Annotated Studios have partnered with a number of UK universities to offer their students a selection of customised gifts. For women we love the rose gold Lena bracelet, which features a delicate disc bearing the university crest, and for the guys you really can’t go wrong with a pair of crested silver cufflinks for graduation day.

If they don’t have a collaboration for the university you’re looking for, don’t despair, as they also have a number of generic styles including an adorable wise owl pendant necklace!

Graduation owl pendant and crested cufflinks by Annotated Studios

UK City Print by Lucy Loves This (£)

Let’s be honest, for many students the university experience is as much about leaving home and exploring a new city as it is about getting a degree. So why not gift them something that fills them with nostalgia for the place they called home for a few years? Independent printmaker Lucy Loves This make stunning typographic prints, celebrating towns and cities of the UK, which would make a perfect gift for a recent graduate making their next move. They’re also an absolute steal at £20, although for £45 you can have them customised with your own street names and dates.

Graduation Gown by Churchill Gowns (£££)

By the time they reach graduation, most students are pretty hard up and having to spend £50 to hire a gown for their graduation day may see them scrabbling around at the bottom of their overdraft! But for £79 you could gift them a gown, hood and mortarboard set from Churchill Gowns and save them the stress. This gift would come in particularly useful for students who are taking up jobs in teaching, as they may be required to wear the gown and hood for their job. What’s more, Churchill Gowns make all of their graduation gowns from recycled plastic. So you’d also be doing your bit to help the planet!

Bespoke Signet Ring by Rebus (££££)

If you’re not afraid to splash the cash then a bespoke signet ring from London jeweler Rebus really has the wow factor. They can be custom engraved to include a monogram, university crest or even a bespoke design that reflects their unique university experience. They don’t come cheap (think £800+) but we can guarantee these rings are heirlooms that will be treasured for years to come.