How to Get the Best Graduation Photos

Having framed graduation photos on your parents’ walls is a right of passage, but if you’re not careful they can end up looking a bit dull and old fashioned. I think the best graduation photos are ones that are celebratory and reflect all the fun of university, as well as the places and people that meant the most to you during that phase of your life.

When you look back nostalgically at your photos, surely this is what you want to be reminded of? Why then do universities insist on offering their students stiff studio portraits, whilst they gaze blankly down the camera lens with a dated swirly backdrop or fake bookcase behind them? We think it’s time students took matters into their own hands and modernised the graduation photo tradition.

Choosing a Location for Your Photos

Instead of taking the photos in a studio, why not take them in the places that meant the most to you during your studies? OK maybe the student bar wouldn’t be quite the right setting, but most UK campuses have some beautiful buildings or green spaces that would make for a fantastic photo backdrop. You could even ask your university for permission to take some photos indoors, for example in an old library or formal hall.

And if you’re stuck for ideas on campus, how about photos with iconic landmarks in the town or city where you studied? Some of our customers have had amazing photoshoots taking in the sights of London with the Thames and London Eye twinkling in the background. 

Students Posing for graduation photos on campus

Many students choose to use landmarks on campus or in the town or city where they studied for lovely photographic backdrops!

Getting Family and Friends Involved

Graduation pictures should not only be reserved for the graduate either, after all it takes a whole host of family and friends to help you through the highs and lows of getting a degree. Why not commemorate their contribution by including them in the photos on your special day? This could involve family portraits, group shots with your classmates, or some silly comedy poses with your friends. Don’t forget to consider props such as balloons or confetti as well, as these can add some extra fun to your photos.

Students posing for graduation pictures with family and friends

Why not get your family and friends involved in your graduation photoshoot as well?

Displaying your Photos

Finally, once you have taken your photos and received them from the photographer, don’t forget to frame them nicely and show off your achievements. At Churchill Gowns we have a range of modern and traditional frame options, including graduation frames where you can display your photo alongside your degree certificate. We even often a range of mount colours so you can match the frame to your certificate or graduation outfit!

So, what are you waiting for? Book a one hour graduation photoshoot now with Churchill Gowns for £120, either for yourself or as a gift for that special graduate in your life. This includes a personalised photoshoot with a professional photographer in a location of your choosing, as well as an online gallery of all the hi-res digital versions of the photos taken (usually around 60-70 images).