Awesome Sustainable Brands

Managing Director of Churchill Gowns, Ollie Adkins, shares his favourite brands that are finding innovative ways to reduce plastic waste in landfill and the oceans.

I sometimes struggle to cut down my use of plastic. I wish there was a way of incorporating more recycled products into my life, but sometimes I feel like that choice just doesn't exist. That’s why I’ve done some digging and put together a list of cool innovative brands using recycled materials in practical ways.

Norton Point

Norton point use recycled plastic, retrieved from oceans and beaches, to create their ‘Ocean Plastic Frame’ sunglasses. They also come in a range of classic designs and colours, so you don’t have to compromise on style. Their motto is, rather appropriately, Sea Plastic Differently. As someone who is a fan of a good pun and a good environmentally conscious brand I will be watching these guys closely!

Find out more on the Norton Point website


Batoko is a UK-based swimwear brand, that makes swimming costumes out of 100% recycled plastic. The swimsuits come in a small range of designs, but their prints are always bold, playful and on-trend. I’ve started seeing them everywhere, and reckon these guys are destined for greatness - my only complaint is that they don’t yet make products for men!

Left: 'Vegasaur' swimsuit and right: 'Lobster' swimsuit by Batoko

View the Batoko range here

Yukon Outfitters

There is nothing worse than going camping camping to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and then realising that you are destroying it in the process. Whether it's your down jacket, your waterproof that is so robust it will never degrade, or your abandoned tent pegs - becoming one with nature is not as eco-friendly as it might appear! But with Yukon Outfitters' hammocks, made from recycled plastic bottles, at least you can relax knowing that you have made a small contribution to reducing plastic waste.

View Yukon's eco hammock collection here

Who Gives a Crap?

Who Gives a Crap is a toilet roll subscription service with a difference: they make their toilet roll from environmentally friendly materials (no trees are involved) and donate 50% of their profits to sanitation projects in the developing world. Did I mention that these guys are hilarious? If you want to find out more, they have a great video which explains why ethical toilet paper can make a big difference. Not taking yourself too seriously is probably a good thing when you’re talking about what you do on the toilet all day long!


Disposable cutlery is one of the most frustrating products for those aware of needless waste. It's so depressing to see, at the end of a party or event, not only the food pouring into bins, but also the plastic knives and forks. Leafware makes cutlery and bowls from naturally shed leaves, which I think are not only more sustainable but much more presentable than the tacky plastic alternatives.

Explore Leafware's product range on their website

And of course, I'm bound to give a final shout out to ourselves! All graduation gowns made by Churchill Gowns are made of recycled plastic, with each one keeping the equivalent of 28 plastic bottles out of landfill. To date we’ve recycled the equivalent of over 65,000 plastic bottles!