Green Christmas

In all the excitement and stress in the build up to Christmas, making environmentally conscious decisions can slip to the bottom of the list of priorities. That’s why we’ve helped you out by curating a list of our favourite sustainable and ethical Christmas presents for all the family...

For the Kids

For younger children take a look at the ethical baby clothing online marketplace Nurture Collective. They’ve brought together a range of ethical and sustainable makers, all of them small, independent brands. Some of the brands are seeking to reduce waste by making adaptable clothing that can last through a couple of growth spurts, others are supporting independent makers in the developing world, and all of them use natural fibres such as organic cotton. And the good news is you don’t have to compromise on style either as all the makers are judged as much on their fashion as their ethical credentials! Our favourite pieces are the Lions Organic Romper by Maebelle and Bo, and the Organic Grid Print Baby Sweater from Huggee (both pictured).

For teen stocking fillers, check out the vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics from British brand Pura Cosmetics. The company was started for a school competition by a 15 year old girl in 2015 and it’s always good to support an inspiring young entrepreneur, which is why we’ll be filling our stockings with their lip balms and lip scrubs. They’re perfect for rescuing lips from the cold winter weather and won’t break the bank as they're priced between £2.99 and £4.50 each!

For the Grown Ups

Socks are a Christmas staple and, if you lose socks as often was we do, you’ll love sustainable sock brand Qnoop. According to Qnoop founder Dirk Vis, the average person loses 1.3 socks per month and if, by some miracle, your socks aren’t gobbled by the washing machine they quickly get worn out at the toes and heels. The good news is Qnoop is here to save us from this sock-based misery! Their organic cotton socks are reinforced at the toes and heels, so they last much longer, and they have a handy button and loop around the ankle which means you can button them together before they go in the wash to prevent them going astray. For the bold fashionistas the ‘Soto’ sock features an eye-catching pattern in a range of colours, or for a more understated look, try the ‘Colour Block’ sock.

Whilst a trip to the gym is probably the last thing anyone wants to think about in the overindulgent run up to Christmas, January always brings a short-lived enthusiasm for all things health and fitness. Why not gift someone a set of sustainable activewear from ‘mindful manufacturer’ Adrenna. Their founder, Julie Ngov, challenges fast fashion norms by producing small quantities to order and maximising fabric usage in order to reduce waste in manufacturing. Her garments are also made from fabrics certified as free from harmful waste and toxins, and manufactured in the UK to reduce shipping mileage.

For the Grandparents

We should all be doing our bit to avoid the armageddon we have been promised if bumble bees become extinct. Urbanisation has reduced availability of flowers for bees to pollinate and their numbers are dwindling. With this in mind why not gift green-fingered grandparents the Beebom Seedbom, which promises to turn unloved land into a flowering oasis for bees. The biodegradable shell means no mess or digging is involved; you simply soak the 'bomb' and throw it on the ground. And it’s only £3.95 - an absolute bargain for saving the world from a bee-free apocalypse!

For something a little more relaxing, check out Hype Nose candles. No oil is used in production, instead the wax is made from soya and palm and the wick is made from wood, preventing contamination from zinc or lead. They aren’t cheap (around £40 each) but they do claim that the perfume is so concentrated that burning the candle for 20 minutes is enough to scent a room.

Finally, there’s nothing more depressing than seeing a huge mound of plastic-coated wrapping paper go straight in the bin on Christmas morning. Of course you could save it, iron it and use it next year but, let’s face it, life’s too short. Instead pick up some recycled and recyclable wrapping paper from London based Re-Wrapped. They have a whole range of festive designs, all with matching swing tags.