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Affordable Graduation Gown Hire

At Churchill Gowns UK, you can hire your full graduation set from as little as £28 - significantly less than through almost any other university. Even better, we can deliver it directly to your front door!

We proudly donate 10% of all our profits to help provide education for children in disadvantaged communities, manufacture our EcoThread Gowns from 100% recycled plastic bottles and run a completely carbon neutral business. Ethical, sustainable, affordable - make the right choice.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Andy Lr02 Feb, 2018
Muhammad Binzaki06 Jun, 2017
it is neat with good quality and well packaged
Danny Eldo09 May, 2017
the stock is ready when i purchased it, not like another store (sometimes out of stock). easy buying!!
Ashlee Nichol12 Feb, 2017
Convenient delivery and easy to use website
Daniel Ryan31 Jan, 2017
Easy to order! well structured size charts and product information
Daniel Ryan31 Jan, 2017
Easy to order and well structured sizing charts and information on products

Wholesale Customers

Looking to tender for a large institution? With years of experience supplying elementary schools all the way up to universities, we guarantee better quality, better service and better prices every time.

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Garment Details

The Attention to Detail

Unlike some manufacturers, we don't use cheap, bunched pleating on our gowns, and every hem and fold is exactly where it should be.

We're environmentally friendly

All our incredibly high-quality EcoThread Gowns are made from 100% post-consumer PET plastic, helping to keep 28 plastic bottles from landfill for every gown made. Want to know more? Click here.

We Manufacture Them Ourselves

We make sure you get the absolute best quality graduation attire by skipping the middle-men and sourcing straight from the manufacturer.

The Quality

Our gowns are made from 235GSM, high quality polyester weave and are finished in a stylish matte black, conforming to the highest standards of traditional Cambridge style academic dress.

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