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Hire or buy graduation gowns conforming to your uni dress code

Hire or purchase your university-regulation regalia online from as little as £29. Trusted by tens of thousands of students worldwide, all items are made to the highest quality standards and are fully appropriate for use at your ceremony.

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    full sets from £28;
  • avoid the queues
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    gowns made from recycled plastic
  • 100% Recycled Gowns
    100% Recycled Gowns
  • Ethically Manufactured
    Ethically Manufactured
  • 10% of our profits go to charity
    10% of our profits go to charity
  • Carbon Neutral
    Carbon Neutral
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Our Customers

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6 Reasons Why Students Choose Churchill

1We're more affordable than existing suppliers
Our graduation sets are, on average, 25% less to hire and 80% less to buy than those from existing suppliers. We also offer generous group discounts and, if you’ve got friends graduating on different days, why not save even more and share the cost of buying a set between you? With Churchill Gowns you're always getting the best deal possible, without compromising on quality.
2We’re an ethical and environmentally friendly company
We put ethical and sustainable manufacturing at the heart of our business. All our gowns are made out of recycled plastic bottles and, through carbon offsetting, we ensure our business activities are carbon neutral. Our factories have been visited and vetted by our staff and we also donate 10% of our profits to educational charities around the world; so when you finish your education you’re helping someone else to start theirs.
3We're more convenient
Our graduation sets are delivered direct to your door two days before your ceremony, so there’s no need to spend graduation day in a queue waiting to collect your gown. That’s more time spent enjoying your day with friends and family!
4We don't enforce strict deadlines
The majority of existing suppliers require you to order your graduation attire four weeks before the ceremony and make you pay a premium on the day if you miss this deadline. With Churchill Gowns you can order your graduation set two days before the ceremony and still have it in time to graduate, at no extra cost.
5You can capture the perfect photos
When you hire your graduation set from Churchill you can keep it for three days, as opposed to the couple of hours you get with existing suppliers. This gives you plenty of opportunity to capture the perfect graduation photos in any setting, with all your friends and family, and maybe even with the sun shining! For most people graduation only happens once, so why compromise?
6You can keep a special memento of your day
With such low prices, why not purchase your graduation attire and keep it as a unique reminder of your achievements? You could even start a family tradition and pass it on to your children, or customise your mortarboard as a fun keepsake!

Garment Details

The Attention to Detail

Unlike some manufacturers, we don't use cheap, bunched pleating on our gowns, and every hem and fold is exactly where it should be.

We're environmentally friendly

All our incredibly high-quality EcoThread Gowns are made from 100% post-consumer PET plastic, helping to keep 28 plastic bottles from landfill for every gown made. Want to know more? Click here.

We Manufacture Them Ourselves

We make sure you get the absolute best quality graduation attire by skipping the middle-men and sourcing straight from the manufacturer.

The Quality

Our gowns are made from 235GSM, high quality polyester weave and are finished in a stylish matte black, conforming to the highest standards of traditional Cambridge style academic dress.