Bencher's Wigs

Our bencher’s wig is handmade from 100% pure horsehair, and all purchases are made from a supplier based in the UK.

The wig is offered in a range of sizes. The correct way to measure your head size is to take the circumference approximately half an inch above your eyebrows. If you are not sure what size you need (e.g. you land on the boundary between two sizes), we would recommend going for the larger size, allowing a more comfortable fit.

Please note that we are currently experiencing a 1-2 week wait for some sizes so express delivery is not available on these items.

The wig (also called a peruke) started being worn from the 17th century. The reason for wearing these items has changed somewhat over the years, from being a fashion statement under King George III to being a practical accoutrement worn for the purpose of covering balding. British courts started wearing robes and wigs in order to bring in a sense of formality and solemnity to the proceedings and to an extent this holds true today, however the UK is starting to break with tradition. Since around 2007, British lawyers and judges have ceased wearing the horsehair wigs in many civil, family and other non-criminal cases.

In ex-British colonies, the courts tended to follow the English practice of gowns and wigs. However, many of those in warmer climates have now dropped the use of wigs for both judges and counsel.

Qualified barristers wear "tie-wigs," which cover half the head whereas judges wear smaller "bob-wigs" or long, full-bottomed wigs.
*Churchill Gowns does not represent and is not affiliated with this institution in any way