Gifting Graduation Jewellery

Five Tips for Choosing Jewellery as a Graduation Gift

25th June, 2019

We've got a guest blog today with Sarah Buck, from pre-owned jewellery and watch retailer Est1897, sharing her top five tips for choosing jewellery as a graduation gift.

Completing university and graduating is an impressive feat, with reports from the government showing the dropout rates in higher education are increasing. So, what better way to celebrate your loved one's monumental achievement, than with the gift of stunning jewellery? Here, I will be sharing my top five tips for picking jewellery for a graduation gift.

Know their style

Whatever piece of jewellery you end up buying, the most important thing you'll need to consider is whether it'll suit your loved one's style and preferences. Look at their current jewellery collection to work out their style and pick pieces that would fit in with their current collection.

I would advise looking at things like the metal type, as well as whether they prefer classic or statement pieces and what pieces are missing from their collection.

Go with something versatile

The more versatile the piece you pick is, the more likely your loved one is to wear it. I would recommend going with classic designs that aren't too busy and will survive any fast fashion trends. For example, a ring with a plain band. It’s timeless and can be bought to fit their preferences in terms of metal colour and band thickness.


Pick something with purpose

Although finding something they can wear on special occasions can add to the sentimental value of your gift, getting them jewellery they can wear every day is sure to be appreciated.

Watches make a beautiful and useful gift for a new graduate, especially if he or she is going into a new job straight out of university. For men, a new pair of cufflinks can be handy — and getting these engraved makes them extra special.

Choose a sentimental piece

It's even better when the beautiful pieces you pick have meaning behind them, choosing sentimental jewellery is a good idea when shopping for your graduate-to-be.

There are so many ways you can give your gift meaning, whether that's getting the jewellery engraved with their graduation date or picking a piece with their birthstone in. You could even choose gemstones that match the university colours he or she attended for an extra special touch.

Find something unique

While modern pieces might be some people's style, shopping in pre-owned or vintage collections is a great way to find unique pieces. Not only will it mean no-one else is likely to have the same piece, but it can also serve as a reminder of their personal experience at university.