Painted Graduation Portraits

The Ultimate Luxury Graduation Gift

28th May, 2019

For most people graduation is a once in a lifetime event, so what better way to commemorate it than with a bespoke painting which will last for generations?

We are hearing of more and more students shunning the traditional graduation photographs offered at their ceremonies. With so many students to get through on the day, the experience of having a photo taken at your graduation ceremony can feel a little rushed and impersonal, not to mention the disappointment felt if your photos arrive months later and they’re not what you hoped for with no opportunity to reshoot them. The prices charged for these portrait photographs is luxury, but the experience and end product often is not.

That’s why we are delighted to announce that we have formed a new partnership with painter John Elles to offer our customers custom painted graduation portraits, as a more lasting and personal alternative to photographs. John paints from photographs and works closely with customers to ensure they get the exact composition and finish they are looking for. The painting medium enables our customers to put a more personal spin on their portraits, whether that be including a scene from their University in the background or even having family members painted into the composition wearing their academic dress! This has been particularly popular with international students, whose wider family may not be able to attend their ceremony in person, but who want a lasting memory of their time studying in the UK.

John is based in Lancaster and was introduced to our team by Dr Sandra Wearden, a leading academic in the field of degree ceremonies. Collectively we spotted a gap in the market to offer customers something to commemorate their achievements, which could be celebrated and handed down through generations. We knew John was the perfect artist to collaborate with on this project, as he has mastered both landscape and portrait painting. His artwork has been shown in exhibitions across the North of England and his paintings are in private collections around the world. Clients include ex-Saatchi and Saatchi CEO, Kevin Roberts, and comedian Jon Richardson.

Graduation portraits are offered in two sizes: a small painting costs £350 and measures 10 inches by 12 inches, and a large painting costs £400, measuring 12 inches by 16 inches. They can be ordered here.