Tis the season to… graduate?!

Bear with us, we know graduations and Christmas don’t usually go hand in hand. Most students celebrate the end of their university journey in the baking July heat, cursing the thick black robes they’ve been made to wear!

But 2020 hasn’t been like any other year and the class of 2020 aren’t like ‘most students’. Their celebrations were sadly cut short by the pandemic that sent a large proportion of them back to their parents’ houses without a chance to don the iconic cap and gown. For everyone the summer was one of disappointed hopes, as it became increasingly clear that ceremonies would not be going ahead at all this year.

Just when we thought we could put our feet up and dream of their return in 2021, something strange started to happen. We started getting requests from parents and students for gowns to wear at Christmas! Now Christmas is usually a pretty quiet time for us but as we discussed their ideas it all started to make sense.

Christmas is looking like it might be one of few occasions in the coming months where we can get the family together. So why not hire a cap and gown and seize the opportunity to get the all important family graduation snaps? It may be a little unusual to have a crackling fire and decorated tree in the background, but it would be a fitting souvenir of what has been a very unusual year.

We’ve also had a few students calling us to plan a secretive photo session, so they can present their proud parents with a framed graduation photo of them on Christmas day. After all, they’ve been keeping that space free on the mantelpiece for all these years!

So if you want to double up and add a bit of graduation magic to your Christmas festivities, check out our home graduation kit, which we’ll be delivering to customers’ homes all through December.