Why Become a Churchill Gowns Student Ambassador?

Every year Churchill Gowns recruits student ambassadors at university campuses across the UK. We usually have one or two student ambassadors per university and their job is to make graduating students aware of our sustainable and affordable graduation gowns, and encourage them to choose us for their ceremony. Here are just some of the benefits of signing up to be a student ambassador:

You’re helping your university become more sustainable

Churchill Gowns is the only graduation company that manufactures all its graduation gowns from recycled plastic. To date we have transformed the equivalent of over 130,000 plastic bottles into gowns, saving them from ending up polluting the ocean or in landfill. We are a small company but we are proud of the big environmental impact we are having. Every student that hires or purchases one of our gowns is helping us with that mission and playing a small part in reducing plastic waste.

We know that students are passionate about protecting the natural world, so by sharing an sustainable graduation option with your classmates you’re guaranteed to get a great response.

You're saving your classmates money

Sustainable can often mean expensive, but not in the case of Churchill Gowns. Not only are our gowns eco-friendly, but they’re also cheaper to hire or buy than from other suppliers. Sure, saving £10 on gown hire may not sound like a lot, but if it gets you a couple of extra glasses of bubbly on the big day it has to be worth it!

Gowns that look and feel the same, but are cheaper AND more sustainable? Sounds like an easy sell…

You’re earning money

We know what it can be like, you’re getting to the end of the academic year, scraping the last few pennies from your student overdraft and reaching for the last unopened tin of spaghetti at the back of the cupboard. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Being a Churchill Gowns ambassador offers you two ways to get paid. First of all you get paid an hourly rate for a few hours of flyering on campus and, as a living wage employer, we offer a not too shabby £11 per hour.

Student Ambassador Flyers

On top of that you can earn a tasty bonus of a few hundred pounds if you hit the sales target for your uni. Might help you pay off that overdraft or, better yet... summer holiday anyone?

You can fit the job around your studies

Churchill Gowns lets you set your own hours, so you have complete freedom to fit the role around your studies. You could set aside a couple of days and get flyers all over campus, or you could spread it out and do an hour a week over the spring and summer terms - it’s completely up to you. We figure you know your university better than we do, so we trust you to schedule your activities to create maximum impact and hit that sweet bonus!

You get great experience that you can discuss in job interviews and on your CV

The best thing about being a Churchill Gowns ambassador is the brilliant experience you get. We give you heaps of freedom to come up with your own promotional ideas and test them out on campus. In the past we’ve had ambassadors do a pop up event, create a promotional video for social media, or approach clubs and societies to pull in group orders. We love to see you being as creative as possible!

The Churchill Gowns team are always on hand to help out, and our online community of ambassadors allows you share ideas with students on other campuses and get some tips on what tactics are working well.

Entering the job market after uni is always tough and it’s easy to get caught in the catch 22 of needing a job to get experience but needing experience to get a job. Having the ambassador role on your CV is bound to catch the attention of recruiters, especially if you want a career in business, sales or marketing. It shows you have practical experience of coming up with a sales and marketing strategy and you have the results to prove it worked.

We’re also always happy to provide a reference for all ambassadors who do a great job.

So what are you waiting for? If you think this is the role for you, drop us an email at sales.uk@churchillgowns.com